What’s the hurry?

What’s The Hurry?

Everyone is always in a hurry these days. Watch people when you are riding along in a car at the stop light or while on the road. People are either busy talking on their phones or gasp! texting while driving. Parents are either rushing in to work or running their kids off to some sort of practice. Do they stop and have dinner together all sitting around the dining room table? No, they are catching a bite on their way.  There is simply no time.

If these same folks would slow down a little and enjoy everything that nature has to offer they might think twice about all the rushing.  Just taking a stroll with the family around the neighborhood or in a local park can provide all what nature has to offer.  Listen to the frogs croaking, smell the lavender blooming along the path, watch a robin feeding its young, or just sit in the green grass and soak everything in.   And be present.  What does that mean?  It means focus on the here and now, not your troubles, not what you’re going to do later this evening, and not about tomorrow.  Just be present with your family and enjoy.

Not only does it relax you but it is good for your health and the health of your family.  You learn more about each other when you spend quality time together which makes for a better relationship.


There are other benefits when you stop and smell the roses too.  You start to notice more of the little things around you.  For example, there are so many different species of birds to see, and many, many different kinds of butterflies and nature of all kinds.

If people would just stop and smell the roses every once in a while they would realize what they are missing out on.  Nature at its best!

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