window hummingbird feeder - top 5 best hummingbird feeders

Top 5 Best Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are coming!  Are you ready for them?  I know that I am here in Northern Kentucky.  It won’t be long before I start to see them at my hummingbird feeders and I cannot wait!

I have several hummingbird feeders that I place around my home for these beauties.  There are two reasons why I have more than one.  The first is because having more than one feeder placed in various spots in my yard will keep the hummingbirds around because they always have plenty of nectar available to them.  Plus, once my flowers and bushes that attract hummingbirds are blooming, that will be an added bonus to keep them here.

The second reason for having more than one feeder is because hummingbirds tend to fight with each other over the nectar  so having additional feeders helps to alleviate this as they can just go to another feeding station.


So what is the best Hummingbird feeder for you to use?  I have My Top 5 Best Hummingbird Feeders that I think you will agree are a must have in your garden.



hummingbird haven - top 5 hummingbird feeders#1  16 oz. Nectar Feeder – This is a very easy feeder to clean which is why I like it so much.  Plus the 360 degree view is perfect to see all your hummingbirds at the feeder.  It has a large built-in ant moat too which is essential for keeping ants away.



16 oz. glass hummingbird feeder - top5 best hummingbird feeders#2  16 oz. Glass Hummingbird Feeder – The 16 oz. feeder is made of glass and is dishwasher safe.  You can place all parts of the feeder in the dishwasher or you can hand wash the feeder instead.  This feeder has four feeding ports and has a bee resistant inner base.  Plus it has a no drip design so if there are ever any high winds, nectar won’t drip from the feeder.  Now that is a good thing!



flower pot one tube feeder - top 5 best hummingbird feeders#3 Flower Pot One Tube Feeder   –  This is a great hummingbird feeder that you can place in any flower pot.  Not only do the flowers in your flower pot attract the hummers but the added nectar feeder guarantees that they will be back for more.  Place one in a few different flower pots around your yard (front and back) and I guarantee you the hummers will stick around.



window hummingbird feeder - top 5 best hummingbird feeders#4 Window Hummer Feeder – Window feeders are always a delight to have because you can see the hummers up close and personal.  Who wouldn’t want to see a hummingbird right at their kitchen or dining room window!  This feeder has a 4 ounce capacity and has a high perch for the hummingbirds to rest on.



hummingbird feeder - top 5 hummingbird feeders#5  32 oz. Hummingbird Feeder –  If you have lots of hummingbirds in your area then this is another good hummingbird feeder to have.  It holds 32 ounces of nectar.  The feeding ports will hold several hummers at a time.    This is the easiest hummingbird feeder to fill and clean with its wide mouth jar reservoir.




Why did I choose these you ask?  I chose these specific feeders because I have found that they are all exceptional feeders to have.  I have used all of them and they are perfect for attracting hummingbirds all summer long.  Plus all of them are easy to clean and that makes my life easy!

I feel that you need a good variety of hummingbird feeders to be able to see the hummingbirds throughout the day.  Don’t you think?  By having a window feeder, I get to see my hummers up close and personal right from my deck window.  The larger feeders work well right off of my deck on a hook and also in my little rose garden, and the flower pot feeders are placed in my front and back yard  planters.  I check these little feeders daily as the nectar goes pretty fast especially in later summer.

More is better I believe because it keeps the hummingbirds coming back  and that is exactly what I want.  Now if they bring their friends and family with them that is an added plus!  ;-).


Happy Birding!  Happy Hummers!






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