Nesting Materials for Birds

What is that?

In the spring when the birds are starting to brood,  they search for different types of materials to make their nests. You can help them out by putting nesting materials in your yard.   I use a suet feeder that I placed natural cotton fiber in  like the one in the photo.  The birds like to pick at and take pieces back to build their nest.  The gold finches and house finches especially like it.  You can purchase these at your local bird feed supply store or online.  Or you can use what you have around your own house/yard.  For example, I have used yarn and string tied that I tied to my deck railing.  Just cut pieces about 3 to 6 inches long and tie loosely so the birds can pull it off.


Grass clippings, straw, spanish moss, and feathers are also good nesting materials that the birds like to use.  I have also used dryer lint in the past that did not seem to harm the birds at all.  However, I now have read that this might not be good for them because of the chemicals that may be in it.  The jury is still out on that though.

You can put any of these materials in an a suet feeder or a regular bird feeder  and hang it in a tree or place on a hook in your garden.  You can also use the materials and make them into a wreath to hang in trees too.

Helping the birds out and placing nesting materials in your yard is just another way to attract birds to your backyard.  If you have your own ideas to add I would greatly appreciate your input.  Please feel free to comment below.

Happy Birding!


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