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Baby Mallard Ducks Are Here!

About two weeks ago my husband and I noticed a mama Mallard and her two ducklings hanging around our pond.  We both figured it had to be her second brood they begin nesting in early spring and through July. We missed out on the first batch of nesting Mallards (back in  May, early June).  We […]

bat - 10 interesting facts about bats

Ten Interesting Facts About Bats

Not everybody is crazy about having bats around.  In fact a lot of people are terribly afraid of them.  I think that if people realized how beneficial they are to us they would grow to appreciate them more.  Just learning a little bit more about these amazing creatures should lesson their fears too.    Read […]

canada goose - nesting habits of canada geese

Canada Goose Nesting Season

    Millie Girl (my little Yorkie) is afraid to go out of our patio door because of a male goose (gander) who likes to come hissing at her as she tries to enter his territory.  Or at least it thinks it is his territory.  You see its Canada Goose nesting season.  The gander is […]

red breasted nuthatch - red breasted nuthatch bird - wintering in my backyard

Red-breasted Nuthatches – Wintering in My Backyard

      Did you know that it  an irruption year for the Red-breasted Nuthatch.  This nuthatch species generally stays up north where they breed and live all year but when food supplies (conifer seeds) are low they migrate south (maybe hundreds of miles) for the winter.  How do I know?  The first clue was […]

Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Birding Gear

When you really want to see a close-up of that interesting bird that just came to your feeder you will probably want to consider a good set of binoculars.



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