american kestrel - what is a kestrel

What is a Kestrel?

Have you ever driven along a country road or even along the highway and have seen what appears to be doves spaced out along the wires.  Well maybe you should take a closer look because it could be a Kestrel.  What is a Kestrel you ask?  Well the actual name is American Kestrel and it […]

barred Owl - where are barred owls

Where are Barred Owls?

Well I missed it!  I walked inside my house to get a drink last Saturday evening and a Barred Owl decided to fly right over my deck at the same time.  My husband Jeff, my sister, and her husband were all outside getting some great views of that awesome owl.  Oh well better luck next […]

Peregrine falcon - raptors birds of prey

Peregrine Falcon Speed

My sister sees one all of the time from her high rise window at work in the downtown area.  The Peregrine Falcon has a hankering for pigeons and she will see them swoosh past her window going for its intended meal.  This bird can capture a bird in mid air at speeds of up to […]

What is a Turkey Vulture?

“Must be something dead,” my husband mentions as we drive down the road towards the county park where we walk.  “Yep!,” I agree as I look ahead at the numerous vultures congregating in a tree and in and along the road.   They are Turkey Vultures or “buzzards” or “turkey buzzards” as many people in the United […]

Red-tailed Hawk Habitat

It is a guarantee every time I travel on an expressway especially in winter.  A large bird perched high up on a telephone pole, post, or tree watching over an open field.  Not just one but there will be several of them spotted along my drive.  It stands anywhere from 18 inches to 26 inches […]

Peregrine falcon - raptors birds of prey

Raptors…Birds of Prey

It was a thunderous sound that I heard and it came from outside my kitchen window.  I jumped up to see what was the matter but I already knew.  Mourning Doves were scattering throughout my backyard and flying off as far away as possible.  Other birds too were flying off and only one lonely Cardinal sat […]

bald eagle - bald eagles in winter

Bald Eagles in Winter

Bald Eagles in Winter When you see a huge, dark brown bird with a broad wingspan of up to 7.5 feet and a body length of up to 40 inches and it has a brilliant white head and tail just soaring above you, you know right away that it is a Bald Eagle.  What a […]

snowy owl - snowy owl facts

Snowy Owl Facts

  It’s that time of year again.   Snowy Owls are on the move and being spotted in many locations.  In fact, I just saw the latest posting on my local birder site that there are two Snowy Owls just a half hour away from my house here in Northern Kentucky.  That is pretty far for […]

great-horned-owl Owls of North AMerica

Great Horned Owl Call

  A GREAT HORNED OWL CALL We finally heard it Sunday morning around 7 AM.  The Great Horned Owl was calling to its mate and its mate was calling back.  Jeff (my husband) said that he had heard one a few weeks ago and was diligent about getting outside on our deck early on the weekend […]

barn-owl Owls of North America

Owls of North America

Owls Owls have always fascinated people, including me,  with their eerie sounding calls that they make at night and the way they quietly fly through the woods coming just inches from their prey without even being detected.    There is such a mysterious way about them the way they turn their heads at 270 degrees and […]