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Birds Need Water Too!

Birds Need Water Everyday

Just like animals birds need water to survive.  While they can get some of the moisture from their food most will search for water to drink every day.  They also need the water for bathing to clean their feathers and remove parasites.  So the solution is a birdbath.

Last summer I had a robin who would come to get her bath at around 9AM every morning.  If I was home I would always make a point to watch for her.  Watching her splishing and splashing was always fun to see.


Not Too Deep!

Make sure that your birdbath is not too deep for the birds.  About 3 inches in the center is best and even more shallow towards the edge so that birds can ease into the water.  If your birdbath is deeper than that you can put rocks in the bottom of the dish to raise it up.

A drip connected to your birdbath like the one seen in the photo, is nice to have so that the birds can easily take a drink too.  Plus it keeps the water more fresh.





Where Should I Put The Birdbath?

Make sure that the bath is located in the shade to keep the water cooler and fresh.   In the garden, close to a window for your viewing pleasure, or anywhere that suits you.  I have mine attached to the railing of my deck so that I can see the birds come in while relaxing there.  We have a tree right next to it so they can perch on a limb and preen and  dry out in the sun afterwards.  Of course it is also a great view from my kitchen window.  There is also a bird bath under a tree in the yard which is near a bird nesting box.  It doesn’t hurt to have more than one in your yard.

You will love watching all the birds come in.  Just one more piece for your outdoor oasis.  If you have any comments about this please feel free to leave them below.

Happy Birding!



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