Jaguar - Birding Trip Belize

Birding in Belize….The Jungle

Birding In Belize Is An Adventure! Last week Jeff (my husband) and I went on an adventure trip to the jungles of Belize.  The Jungle, where at any time you could run in to such wild animals as the Margay, the Ocelot, the secretive Puma, or even the dangerous Jaguar with its powerful bite.  Then there is the Fer-de -lance pit […]

Northern cardinal - Northern cardinal bird

Backyard Bird Watching

  Have you ever wondered about the different species of birds that visit your backyard? I did today when I came home from a nice, sunny walk with my Millie (Yorkie), looked out the glass sliding doors, and happened to see an abundance of different species of birds hopping around in the trees and bushes, […]

15 Great Gifts For Bird Lovers

Bird lovers are people who love to be outdoors enjoying the sights and sounds of birds in their natural habitat.  Whether it is in their own backyard, at a local park, out in the field, or at the water’s edge, birders are there  searching for their next avian delight. This is the time of year when we start to […]

API 650 Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Heated Bird Bath Review

 Product: API 650 Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket Price:  $69.95 Where to Purchase:  Amazon Product Dimensions:  20 in diameter, 2 inch depth Color:  Light stone color Shipping Weight:  5.8 LBS   Heated Bird Bath Overview The API 650 Heated Bird Bath comes with a railing mount.  It is constructed of plastic with a built-in thermostat under the surface to prevent […]

great-horned-owl Owls of North AMerica

Great Horned Owl Call

  A GREAT HORNED OWL CALL We finally heard it Sunday morning around 7 AM.  The Great Horned Owl was calling to its mate and its mate was calling back.  Jeff (my husband) said that he had heard one a few weeks ago and was diligent about getting outside on our deck early on the weekend […]

Northern Mockingbird Sounds

Northern Mockingbird Sounds     I was walking at the park today with my little Millie, a Yorkie, and thought I heard a Blue Jay.  I started to look around for it but then instantly I heard an American Robin’s call and immediately following that was the call of a Red-winged blackbird.   That’s when I […]

Facts About Sparrows

FACTS ABOUT SPARROWS Some people think of sparrows as that annoying bird that makes a lot of noise and that eats anything it gets its beak on.   This is actually the House Sparrow which is the most widespread and abundant sparrow throughout the world.  It survives practically anywhere in a city but can be found in rural areas too.  It […]