Who Drank the Hummingbird Juice?

The Usual Suspect

The other day I was reading a Facebook post about someone complaining that their hummingbird feeder  was getting drained nightly.  The person wanted to know who the culprit was.  I had to chuckle because that was a problem I had a few years ago until I got wise.

People were commenting on the post saying that it was bats doing the dirty work.   Since we are in the northeast I knew that bats didn’t do it as they strictly eat insects here.  However, in the southwest, the species of bats that live there (the Lesser Long-nosed bat and the Mexican Long-tongued bat) live on nectar.  They will drain the feeders every night if you let them.




So what critter is draining the nectar?  The usual suspect that I have learned and caught is the snarky raccoon who works at night.  Trust me, it will find a way to get to your hummingbird feeder and gulp down the juice.  Nothing stops these guys.   I know because they have done this to my feeders way too often.




The next thief is the squirrel.  Squirrels are known acrobats and usually do their work during the day right in front of you.  The best way to handle this problem is to take your feeders in every night.  That way you won’t get so frustrated having to make more nectar every day.  Yes, it is a pain to have to remember to bring in your feeder every night but to me it is worth it.  Or try to hang your feeder somewhere that you know the squirrels and raccoons cannot get to it. For example we have ours on a hook which is placed on the house just outside our sliding glass doors.  The raccoons or squirrels cannot get to it.


Let me know if you have other remedies.  I would love to hear them.

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